Mar 27 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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Mar 27 2013

Mar 27 2013

A couple of important things are going on over the next few weeks…details coming soon!

End of The Open – Viewing party and Party party.
The Open will be over by the end of next week and I thought it would be nice to have a little viewing party next Wednesday (4/3) for the announcement. Froning, Khalipa, Camille, and Bridges will all be throwing down live Wednesday night at 8PM. We’ll have it playing and if anyone wants to do the WOD then and there, that’s an option as well.

Immediately post-13.5 WOD next Saturday we’ll be having a celebratory beer, or two, along with snacks (feel free to bring something) to put an official end to the Open. It’ll be good times.

Squat Clean + Push Jerk
7 x 2 + 2 OTM (For 7 Min 2 Squat Cleans then 2 Push Jerks)

2 Rounds – Not For Time
500m Row
20 Dips
ME HS Hold

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