Mar 3 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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Mar 3 2014

Mar 3 2014

Beginner’s Classes start TODAY at 7A and 5:30P

We had some awesome efforts during the first round of The Open on Saturday! For many people the workout comes down to simply can you do double unders or can’t you? We had several people surprise themselves including me with long unbroken sets and scores higher than they thought they might get. Well done to all! Make sure you submit your score by 8PM.

Open Redos Can be conducted today at 4:30PM in the Open Gym. You must have a judge and should not expect the 4:30PM coach to be able to help in any way – they’re first priorty is coaching the group WOD.

Some Open Perspective
In 2011 I did this WOD as part of my first Open. My score of 5+42 (267 Reps) put me in a disappointing 216th place. This year that score puts you in 889th place. I retested my 2011 WODs prior to the 2012 season and my improved score of 6+15 (285) would’ve put me 160th then, 670th now.

Things have come a very long way. For as many people grumbled about not having double unders or about 30 being a very large set of double unders there are literally thousands of people to whom this WOD is simply NOT a skill WOD. Of the roughly 14,000 people who currently sit in front of me worldwide most of them don’t find 30 double unders in a WOD to be that tough. Most of them, like me, only missed a couple if any double unders. And the snatch weight is so relatively light that this WOD is basically go unbroken forever.

What does this mean for The Open, this competition, and CrossFit in general? First it means that HQ has decided (rightfully so) that when tens of thousands of people can do a movement pretty well it’s really no longer a “skill” movement. Second this competition isn’t going to be shaped by one workout. It’s going to be shaped by having consistent scores through all five weeks. I predict that the bottom Regional Qualifying totals will be the highest scores we’ve ever seen – meaning that the sway from one week to the next is going to be pretty big.

Note: Marcus Hendren, 2 times games top 10 finisher who did the announcement of this WOD, is currently sitting outside of a Regional Qualifying spot.

Bottom Line: keep some honest perspective on The Open. For me I currently sit in the top 25% worldwide and the top 28% of our region. Am I stoked with that place, no, but I know that a low-skill breathing WOD isn’t my thing and that’s what this WOD is.

Front Squat
4×4 75%

5 Rounds
4 Muscle Ups
3 Squat Clean Thrusters (165/105)

Comp Work
No Comp Work Today – Beginner’s are at 7A and 5:30P

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