Mar 30 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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Mar 30 2012

Mar 30 2012

It has been a pretty impressive week with lots of PRs in the Sumo Deadlift and Snatch. Finish strong today!

1RM Back Squat
7 min AMRAP
Row 1000m/Men – 750m/W
Deadlift as much total weight as possible

This WOD is unlike anything we’ve done before. You will have 7min total. After rowing the idea is to lift as much weight off the ground as possible in the Deadlift. That’s total weight – Your final score will be the weight you deadlift multiplied by the number of reps you did. (ie: Deadlift 100lbs 5 times = a score of 500. Deadlift 500lbs 1 time = a score of 500)

You choose the weight but it can’t change once you start. Will you choose a light weight and lift lots of reps or a heavy weight for just a few reps?

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