Mar 31 2015 - MTM CrossFit

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Mar 31 2015

Mar 31 2015

The Open is officially over!!! Congrats to Jerry Wilson who once again qualified to move forward to the next step of going back to the Games. Jerry was 45th in the world, they move the top 200 forward, and he will compete in the Master’s Qualifier in just over 2 weeks!

Getting the results you want from CrossFit: Here’s something that is not well understood – lifting makes you build muscle, Wodding makes you lean. With very little exception WODs won’t make you build muscle, they help you burn fat. Wodding doesn’t make you strong, wodding heavy all the time will make you slow and fat by decreasing your intensity.

The Bulky Factor – Lots of CrossFitters are worried about Size, either gaining or losing. The most popular mistake that CrossFitters make is to go too heavy during workouts trying to chase RX’d (the second most is doing multiple WODs or lifting sessions to try to overcome a weekend of cheat meals, here’s a hint: eating more and doing more is HOW you get bigger). When you go too heavy your intensity drops – instead of pushing through that set of 10 you have to stop at 6 so you spend more time in each workout resting and less time working. This is fine if the PURPOSE of the workout is for it to be heavy and to force you to rest but not if you’re supposed to be moving the whole time and you’re not. When your intensity drops your workout isn’t as effective and you’ll retain more body fat. Couple too many heavy workouts with not great eating and you’ll absolutely put on size and bulk up – depending on your diet breakdown you’ll probably be putting on fat.

Our programming is for general fitness, it’s to build lean athletic capable people. If you follow the scaling guidelines above you’ll get great results for years and years. Sometimes we’ll go heavy and sometimes not, sometimes we’ll lift for strength and sometimes not.

(Caveat: rep cycling time – Times on the board can vary widely based on how long it takes you to do several reps in a row. Think of an air squat. There is a pretty big difference in time between someone who pauses for a moment at the top of the squat and someone who flashes their hips open and then starts their next one. It gets much worse when we think of complex moves like Hang Snatches or Push Jerks. You can build lots of intensity by learning to do these moves Touch and Go. It takes practice and a focus on form to make sure you’re safe. If you’re not able to do moderate weight reps like this I suggest you scale the weight down for a while and learn to do it, then slowly raise the weight back up.)

Tomorrow we’ll discuss weights and gymnastics scaling.

5 Rounds
6 Deadlifts (275/185)(Heavy)
12 Box Jumps (24/20)
18 Toe 2 Bar

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