May 8 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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May 8 2012

May 8 2012

Thanks to everyone who is helping to make our space work well in the final days before we move. I know it’s getting tight, especially on barbell WODs, and I appreciate everyone working with in our current constraints.

As 45 of you learned yesterday we’re changing up how we warm-up as a direct result of the Movement and Mobility Cert. Each day the warm-up will be different to better prep us for what is happening that day. Come earlier and start paying attention to what moves we’re doing. In no time it will feel normal again.

1K Row
1->5 Wall Climbs
50->10 Air Squats (by 10s)

Remember: Friday is ONLY 5:45AM – Closed Saturday – Come down to Regionals!

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