Mar 8 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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Mar 8 2013

Mar 8 2013

Free Class Saturday at 11AM – no experience needed, kick your Spring off the right way!

Classes today will be VERY tight on time. Please arrive early. We will be running 2 heats in every class, which is 34 Min of WOD time – Probably 40 Full Min of time including setup. The Warmup is going to be SHORT with NO TIME for messing around.

Everyone who is participating in The Open will be judged, many of you who are not participating will be judged as well since we’re running 2 heats. Judging, especially this WOD, is not a huge deal. Did they touch the target on the burpee? Did they lock the Snatch out completely? Easy.

If you arrive early and want to improve your mobility I suggest:
Sampson Stretch
Flash Dance
Ground Hamstring Floss
Deep Plank Stretch
Shoulder Mobility
Lacrose Ball Shoulders
Foam Roll T-Spine

Finally, everyohe will do this WOD rx’d. If you get to a snatch weight that you can’t do you’ll take rest and make attempts trying to get that first rep. Don’t worry about not getting a good workout: if you get stuck at the 2nd set of snatches you’ll already have done plenty of Burpees and Snatches to constitute a good workout. Then just keep at it and hit a PR!

Open 13.1

40 Burpees
30 Snatches (75/45)
30 Burpees
30 Snatches (135/75)
20 Burpees
30 Snatches (165/100)
10 Burpees
– Snatches (210/120)

Burpees are to a 6″ target above your highest reach. Athletes change their own plates, watch the live feed and change your plates like Panchik does (Start at 20min in, We’ve tested both and it’s a lot better).

Resource Videos:

And everything you ever wanted to know about burpees and snatches from Last years videos:

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