May 1 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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May 1 2012

May 1 2012

Some AMAZING PRs yesterday! Nate, who is in full-on Regionals Prep Mode, hit a long standing deadlift goal of lifting over 450lbs with a 455lb pull! Nicely done! Drew, Steph, Tammy, Beth, Amy, Kathie, Karen and Joslin all PR”d by large numbers on the Deadlift. Great Work!

PRs on Fran ranged from the small, Dmac hit a 6s PR at 4:08 rx.d, to the huge, Brandy took almost 6 full min off her beginner’s Fran time! Most impressive both Max and Jerry took a full minute off their respective Fran times with Jerry scoring the fasted rx.d men’s time of the day at 3:35. Great effort everyone!

Double Unders
Hang Power Snatch (95/65)
Push Ups

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