May 20 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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May 20 2013

May 20 2013

Welcome to a brand new week! This week we’ll be discussing June schedule changes, rest and recovery, our new online registering system, The Hammy WOD and Regionals.

But for today I want to say just two things:

First, I could not be more proud of our little community than I was on Saturday when dozens of athletes tackled MURPH to commemorate 2nd Lt. Andy Dolvin’s last WOD before shipping out to the Marines. Throughout the WOD there were countless displays camaraderie from the quite “keep going, you’re doing great” between athletes doing their push ups to finished athletes running additional mileage to help pull each other through the finish. We take these things for granted because they are so common in CrossFit but they are unique to what we do. We also raised over $400 for our firefighter friends.

Second, I want to acknowledge the awesome coaching staff we have at MTM: Steph, Noah, Jon, Rob, and Donny who helped keep the gym running all last week as I was out recovering. It means a lot to me that I can depend on this great group of passionate coaches to step up so all of you can keep training. Thanks!

4×4 Shoulder Press
– After 3 or 4 warm up sets choose a weight that is heavy for 4 Reps and then perform 4 sets with the same weight. This should be VERY difficult by the last set of 4.

Overhead Walking Lunges

Comp Work
Press – 5×3 (90)
Vert Snatch – 1×5(80)1×3(90)1×2(95)1×2(100)

10 Rounds of 2 GHD Sit Ups
– This is to practice getting in and out of the GHD quickly. The start/end position will be with both feet on the ground on one side of the GHD with hands on the foot and seat pads. Be careful at this, move the GHD out of the corner if needed. You’ll do 2 separate sets of 10 rounds, time each.

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