May 21 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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May 21 2013

May 21 2013

Some quick announcements about the June Schedule:

While the final details are still being cemented in place MTM will be launching a corporate wellness program on June 3rd. The 7am and 7:30pm classes along with a new 12pm class will be the times for this program.

Commence Freak Out.

Now the details: These times will run as the corporate program for just 6 weeks, they will be MWF, and if you can’t make another time you can come to one of those time and at least get a WOD in for the day. The biggest difference will be programming for that time period – the first 2 weeks will be beginner’s classes with a focus on learning foundational movements and the next 4 weeks will be different WODs from what the normal gym will do.

So, Tues and Thurs will be normal 7A and 7:30P Classes (there will be no additional 12p class on T/Th). You can still come to a 7A or 7:30P class if needed, it’ll just be a different WOD.

Questions? We’ve got 2 weeks to help get them sorted and as always our current MTM community comes first so please seek me out (My name’s Dave) and ask me.

6 Rounds
400m Run
12 Front Squats (135/95)

Comp Work
HBBS – 5×3 (90)
Pause Pclean & Pjerk – 5×3+1(85)

For the Pause C&J perform a Clean Deadlift to the bottom of the knee and hold for 3 seconds (use the clock) then without descending do a power clean. After 3 Reps do a push jerk (5 Push Jerks Total).

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