May 31 2013 - MTM CrossFit

7901 N Cleveland Ave, North Canton OH 44720
 | [email protected]
 | (330) 620-5128

May 31 2013

May 31 2013

Free Class Saturday at 11AM come see what CrossFit is all about and get a great workout. It’ll be a partner WOD so bring a friend!

June Beginner’s Classes start Monday at 7A or 6:30P.

Rumor has it there will be a tank option for t-shirts appearing later today here and the pre-order sheet. Suns out, Guns out.

Party TONIGHT starting at 7:30p for Noah’s going away. There will be no 7:30p WOD. Pizza and Beer will be provided and the gym will stay open till everyone’s gone home. Come out and enjoy the warm summer night!

Teams of 2

8 Wall Climbs
800m Run
32 KB Snatches

Total Work is shown above. 1 Working and 1 Resting including the run. Work must be split evenly: 4 Wall Climbs, 400m Run and 8 Snatches on Each Arm per person. Each partner completes the work prior to moving to the next movement.

Comp Work
F Squat – 3×5(80)2×5(85)
Hang Psnatch – 10×3(80)

Oly Total tomorrow AM

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