May 8 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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May 8 2013

May 8 2013

Move heavy weight – check. Another day of CrossFit, Another day of PRs.

The first day, Friday, of Regional WODs was announced yesterday. Athletes will complete “Jackie” which is 1000m Row, 50 45lb Thrusters and 30 Pull Ups for their first workout. The 2nd Workout is 2 parts scored separately. First they’ll establish a 3RM Overhead Squat taking the bar from the ground. Then They’ll complete 30 Burpee Pull Ups for time.

While there are a couple of interesting competition related twists in the rules from a spectator’s view this day is going to be pretty boring.


Everyone will go unbroken or nearly on Jackie. The rowing is 3-4min of them sitting there, the Thrusters are all unbroken, and the pull ups will be nearly unbroken or 2-3 Sets with very short rest. >It’s a great overall test of fitness but it’ll be boring to watch. Some guys will go close to sub 5min.

The OHS and Burpee Muscle Ups: The OHS is different from timed ladders they’ve used in the past. Last year there was a pretty cool Snatch Ladder, the year before it was Thrusters, and as the athletes moved to heavier weights they moved closer to the audience. By the time you get to the top guys there are only a few people still on the floor and lots oof cheering. The OHS this year isn’t set up that way. Athletes stay in the same position and load their own weights, great test but much less exciting. As for the Burpee Muscle Ups I think they’re easier than normal muscle ups because there is a built in rest period. There will be some drama with athletes that can’t do muscle ups but the addition of the Burpee won’t be the cause.

So if you were debating between going Friday or Saturday – you should go Saturday.

3 Rounds – 1 Min at Each Station

Wall Balls (20/14)
Kettle Bell Swings (1.5/1p)
Row (Calories)
Wall Climbs


Fight Gone Bad Style. Max Reps in 1min at each station with 1 min rest between rounds for 3 rounds.

Comp Work – 4:30, 5:30p
25 KB Snatch Rt
25 W Sit Ups
25 KB Snatch Lt

Use the same weight as last week.

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