Nov 11 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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Nov 11 2013

Nov 11 2013

Welcome to a brand new week! A Brand new cycle and a brand new…well no, just those two bits.

MTM will have ALL Classes today, come in and get a great workout!

This Programming Cycle
As you may or may not know we program in cycles here at MTM Crossfit (If you don’t care don’t worry just skip to the WOD section down below). While we have overarching 12 week cycles that dictate what general type of work we’ll be doing and we have mini 3 week cycles nested in to work on specific areas the type of cycle that is most apparent to most of you is the 6 week cycle type that we’ve just finished up. Our next cycle, starting today, is going to be a little different. First off it’ll be just 5 weeks long including this week – basically so the holidays don’t fall during a retesting week. That means that there will really be just a few short “work” weeks for us to get our actual work cycles completed. We also won’t be taking our typical week or two decompression in between, no, we’re straight into testing. Finally we’ll be adding an element of nutrition and some higher skills this cycle where we’ll be working on:
– Squat Speed
– Olympic Strength over multiple Reps
– Olympic Power and repetition in WODs.
– High Level Gymnastics Technique (HSPU, MU, Butterfly PU, C2B PU).

Diet – We’ll be working nutrition into this cycle with a short and sweet 21 day nutrition challenge starting Dec 1st. Designed to mitigate our holiday indiscretions and help us get a jump start on the new year. We’ll have a challenge meeting and details on the 22nd.

Our improvement in these areas won’t be nearly as cut and dry as they have been in the past. For example you might retest a WOD where you improve the Oly Repetition segment but go slower on another segment so overall it appears that you didn’t improve. This just happened to me on Thursday’s “Force” WOD. I completed the “DT” portion 90s faster than the original test week but my Muscle Ups were not as good so overall I tied. I might be upset if I were only looking at the final score but my goals were to improve my strength while maintaining my gymnastics – which I did. But, it’s a little tough to actually see.

Finally we’ll only be testing this week Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Tuesday will be important but not really focused on what we’re trying to improve and Friday will be a fun partner WOD. Thos are the MOST important days to come to as well if you’re not coming the entire week during this cycle. Weeks will break down:
M – Squatting and Short WOD
T – Long WOD
W – Oly Work and NFT Skill Development WOD
R – Squatting and Interval WOD
F – Partner WOD

1RM Front Squat
3 Rounds

1 Min AMRAPs

Wall Balls (20/14)
KettleBell Swings (1.5/1p)
Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)

No Rest between stations or Rounds.

Comp Work
Comp work for this cycle, which will start tomorrow, will be geared towards Oly repeats and Strength. You’ll see plenty of Power Movements along with some accessory moves to strengthen the Oly Lifts. We’ll also be adding more timing to the lifting with either STRICT caps to efforts like 12min to establish a 1RM or On-The-Minute Workouts. This work will become more and more skill based and shift away from complimentary style work and towards competition work over this cycle.

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