Nov 13 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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Nov 13 2012

Nov 13 2012

If yesterday’s improvement is any indication we’re in for a week FULL of HUGE PRs! After 6 weeks of our squat program a 20lb 3RM improvement wasn’t the exception, it was the rule. Diane times tumbled as well showing us that all that time spent upside down has paid off (even the wall climbs). Keep pushing this week!

Open Gym: Due to the testing nature of this week Open Gyms will be a little different. Times will be the same (MWF: 4:30, 6:30 – TR: 7, 6:30, 7:30) but instead of pushing the envelope with lifting the programming will focus on Technique and Practice. This week is a great time to come in and have the coach work with you on specific movements you’re looking to improve on.

1RM Snatch
Double Unders
– 3 Burpee Penalty for each stop of the rope

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