Nov 15 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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Nov 15 2013

Nov 15 2013

Free Class Saturday at 11AM! come see what CrossFit is all about and get a jump start on the New Year!

9:30AM Class Starting Monday! This Monday all your dreams come true, that is IF all the dreams you have are doing CrossFit at 9:30AM.

Nutrition: The Definitive Guide

Nothing is definitive in Nutrition. Wait, What? This is because our bodies are extremely good at adapting to what we’re doing and compensating for those things (read: keeping us alive). What works for you one moment might not work for you the next moment and yes, it can be some what frustrating. So first I’ll give some basic rules and then go into some specifics.

1.) Accountability: Your diet and progress is only as true as your accountability. If you eat clean every day and smash a pizza every night, guess what…your diet isn’t good. And when you start making statements like “I eat pretty good every day” you aren’t being accountable for your diet. Let me put it another way, you’re lying. Write it Down! The solution to this is to write down EVERYTHING you eat, honestly, then take a look at it and give a non-biased assessment and take responsibility. If I eat cookies every night before bed I might “feel” really happy but when I wake up in the morning sore and stiff and fat I can’t be like “Gosh, CrossFIt doesn’t even work!!!” Because guess what, plenty of cookie-less CrossFitters are getting great results and waking up feeling great. In general you are not the exception to the rule. Having a problem with accountability? Keep a food log. Statements like “gosh, my life just doesn’t fit with measuring my food and writing it down” are absolute bullshit. What I hear is “I like eating how I do and blaming anyone but myself for how I feel and look.”

2.) Protein: You should eat 1g of Protein per Pound of Body Weight. You weight 150lbs? Eat 150g of Protein a day. The absolute last thing you want to do is get weak. Losing muscle to get a number on the scale to drop is the absolute worst thing you can do for yourself. Which would you rather have: and low weight on the scale or the ability to play with your kids? Weak people can’t enjoy the life that they’re living. Whether overweight or thin they find it hard to do everything from cary in the groceries to play with their kids to compete in sports. Being “Skinny Fat” (appearing thin but lacking muscle mass) is just as dangerous to our health cardiovascularly as being obese.

3.) Moderation: Too much of anything is bad. I’ve heard of people getting great weight-loss results with eating nothing but Chicken, Almonds, and Broccoli – 5 times a day forever. Is this good for them as a human? No. Too much of one thing, including stressing about what you’re eating or planning what you’re going to eat, is a bad thing. If you find yourself eating ALL of your protein from protein shakes, or you’re pounding nuts all day, or you’re always binge eating a pizza on the weekends – you are not showing moderation. “But Dmac, I’m pretty sure I’m not doing any of those things, I mean seriously I swear!” Go re-read #1.

The 5 Steps to Nutrition in CrossFit
I’ve labeled these steps because you have to do each one before the next. Don’t come to me all “I started on step 4 and it didn’t work for me” because you we’re supposed to start on step 1.

Coming tomorrow – sorry for the delay but this post is simply too long and important for a rush job. Tomorrow we’ll cover the steps with guidelines to each along with general rules for everyone about what you should be eating.

Teams of 2
“Double JT”

Hand Stand Push Ups
Push Ups
Ring Dips

2 Rounds.

Comp Work
2k Row.

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