Nov 16 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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Nov 16 2012

Nov 16 2012

It’s been a pretty tough week with Benchmark WODs and lifts to test our recent 6 week cycle of Programming. As of this morning I’ve only given the results a cursory glance but I am pretty happy with how things turned out. Specifically Our squatting and clean & jerks have gone up a ton! Especially on the women’s side where we had 4 girls hitting 135lb+ Clean and Jerks and dozens hitting 95lb+!

We’re saving BOOBs tomorrow at 10AM with our Barbells for Boobs – Amazing Grace Event.
Donations will be collected on the day -or- you can sign up online at

There will be a normal 11AM Free Class.

You may or may not have been aware of the court battle between CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman and his ex-wife for selling a 50% stake in CrossFit to a private equity firm which would have, among other things, fundamentally changed how CrossFit operates and oversees my gym. Yesterday the good news came that Coach Glassman now owns 100% of CrossFit. Read more HERE.
Teams of 2
120 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1p)
80 WallBall Throws (20/14)

On the swings the non-working partner will balance a PVC without moving their feet. If the PVC is dropped or the balancer takes a step the swings will stop.

The wall ball throws will be done from one partner to another. Standing behind a line the first partner will throw the wallball, any method, completely past the line their partner is standing at. The ball may be caught or not. Each throw completed equals 1.

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