Nov 2 2015 - MTM CrossFit

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Nov 2 2015

Nov 2 2015

Welcome to a Brand New Month! This is it. This is the time. The average American gains up to 10lbs in the time between Thanksgiving and New Years. Get a jump on it now. Ratchet down your diet, commit to your workouts, and focus on your goals.

Virtuosity Week – This week we’ll be taking a step back to the Basics. Virtuosity is doing the common uncommonly well. It’s the basis of CrossFit. It entails all aspects of a movement: from line of action (the order your body moves) to full ranges of motion. This week we’ll be working on those things.

Range of Motion – ROM is essential for CrossFit, it makes the competitive and repeatable nature of CrossFit happen. Think about it: if a group of runners got together and decided to sprint just “about” 400m could you really have a race? Could the runners ever know if they got better?

Let’s assume that one of them always wins and he never runs more than 200m. His workouts are HALF what his teammates are. Half the work = Half the results.

This week we’ll be focusing on FULL reps. Some of us don’t have the mobility, it’s a continual process, and that’s cool, we’ll make sure we hit a full rep for you.

3RM Back Squat
4 Rounds
400m Run
50 Air Squats (Use Med Ball for Depth)

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