Nov 23 2011 - MTM CrossFit

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Nov 23 2011

Nov 23 2011

***MTM CrossFit will be CLOSED from 5:30pm Wednesday 11/23 to 5:45AM Monday 11/28. The last class this week will be 4:30pm Wednesday.***
***Beginner’s Classes will be 7AM and 10AM only today***

Yesterday’s Filthy 50 saw lots of improvements in both times and going rx.d. It was a pretty lousy day to do a lung burner like the filthy 50 because of the humidity. Without geeking out too much on the science: The higher the temperature, humidity, or altitude the less oxygen will be in the air per cubic meter (everything’s cooler in metric). Unfortunately your lungs don’t get bigger when it’s hot/humid/or high above sea level so you breath the same volume of air each breath – but with less O2 per breath. Which makes you gassed more and faster. On a rainy day like yesterday where the humidity is 100% it’s more difficult to breath and times are likely to be not as good as if it was cool and dry.

1RM Snatch

5 Rounds
40 Double Unders
20 Pull Ups

Shoes: I’ve been hearing a lot of questions about shoes over the last couple of weeks so here it is, my answer to “what kind of shoes should I wear?”

Answer: flat shoes. Typical running shoes are twice as tall in the heel as the toe. I’m not going to get into why this is extremely bad for running and promotes improper technique leading to increased injuries – that’s a whole other post. Instead I’ll explain why it’s bad for CrossFit. Simply, they put you on your toes. Every time you hear me yelling “stay on your heels” your running shoes are putting you forward on your toes. Second, the cushy nature of modern running shoes messes with your balance. As you land from jumping, which we do a lot, your body is balancing itself through a really well developed system that instinctively reads inputs from your eyes, ears, and extremities and (BOOM) balances you. Throw a couple of marshmallow soft running shoes on and now you’re messing with thousands of years of evolution. The result is less balance, more missed lifts, and more effort to make each rep.

Converse All Stars (chucks) – $40 – – Chucks are an awesome all around cheap CrossFit shoe. They do everything pretty well. The only problem I’ve had with them is blisters from running long distances, but we rarely do that anyway. Also, due to some awesome cosmic coincidence, Chucks are pretty fashionable right now. If $40 is too much Wal-Mart’s faded glory knock-off brand chucks are $10.
New Balance Miniumus MT20 – $100 – – This shoe is getting a lot of play in the CrossFit community right now. Its minimal, flat, hard soled – basically everything we want. Only problem seems to be catching your jump rope on the sole. No fewer than 5 people at MTM have recently bought these.
Inov-8 – $100 – – I’ve been wearing Inov-8s for more than a year. Pretty good shoe with a flat sole and hard cushion but comfortable for longer runs and trails. They’ve got some faults for rope climbs and mine have been coming apart due to wear. Lots of options including a new minimal shoe, but I haven’t seen it recently.
Reebok CrossFit Shoe – Games athletes seemed to like this and there have been some pre-sale but it’s not really released yet. I’ve never worn it or even seen it up close so I can’t give a review of it but just wanted to let you know it’s going to be out there.

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