Nov 26 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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Nov 26 2012

Nov 26 2012

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksagiving! The holidays can be very difficult for everyone. Now is the time to keep your head down, eat right, show up, and put in 100% of whatever you have during every WOD.

Next Saturday Dec 8th we’ll we’re having a competition with CrossFit Utility. Starting at 10AM Teams of 4 (2M/2W) will compete in one of two divisions – Competitors or Athletes. Visit the facebook page for more details.

Everyone should consider signing up. The purpose is to compete and give it your best. The competitor division will be RX’d – more advanced moves like Muscle Ups will be programmed in a way that if you can’t do them it won’t keep your team from finishing the WOD. The Athlete division will have scales that everyone will compete with – so if the scale is push ups on your knees regardless of being able to do them rx’d, you’ll do them scaled, so everyone is competiting on the same level.

Back Squat
3×5 75%
2×5 80%

3 Rounds – 1AMRAPs
Hang Power Cleans (75/55)
Push Ups
Push Press (75/55)

Open Gym
– Power Clean and Jerk – 10×1 60s Rest
A. Snatch 3 Position Deadlift – 115% of 1RM
B. Snatch Balance – 3×3 – Heavier than last week but PERFECT.

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