Nov 3 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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Nov 3 2014

Nov 3 2014

Welcome to a brand new Week and Month!

Beginner’s Classes start today at 6:30PM!

MTM Athletes really got out and about this weekend – Congrats to everyone who braved the elements to show what their fitness can do for them!

The Bernie Kosar 5K run by Erin, Jenny, Tim, Sandy, Bri, and Drew (who all braved stupid cold temperatures!).1625463_10102639433091844_3998572950431816285_n


Jenn R completing the Tough Mudder (Don’t worry, it was in Texas so she was allowed to carry Them Guns!).


7RM Back Squat
3 Rounds
25 Wallballs (20/14)
25 Power Snatches (75/45)

**On the Back Squat, warm up in sets less than 7. Then pick a weight and make an attempt at a 7RM. If successful make a jump and another attempt. No more than 3 attempts at a 7RM whether you make it or miss it.**

Oly Wk 4/D1
30 Back Squats at 95% of your 5RM in a few sets as possible
Split Jerk (Work to a Heavy Single, no Misses. Then 4×2 at 90% of that).

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