Nov 30 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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Nov 30 2012

Nov 30 2012

New Apparel is at the gym and waiting to be picked up. It came out great! If you pre-ordered don’t worry we’ll hold your stuff for you. If you didn’t pre-order we’ll start selling items today or Monday.

Partner WOD
50-40-30-20-10 Air Squat
1-3-5-…+2 Shuttle Sprint
50-40-30-20-10 Mountain Climbers

This is one of those that will immediately make sense to you when you come in and see it set up. Partner 1 does 50 Air Squats and runs one length, Partner 2 does the same. #1 does the mountain climbers and runs 3 lengths putting them back on the side they started, #2 does the same. Then they start on the 40s. All the way to the bottom.

Open Gym
If you did not establish a 3RM Push Press yesterday, do so today. We’ll be starting a December cycle of Push Pressed based off our 3RM.

– Snatch – 1×2 65%, 2×1 70%, 1×1 75%, 1×1 80%, 1×1 85%, 1xME 70% – Of Most Recent 1RM –
– High Bar Back Squat – 3×5 65%, 3×3 75% – Of 1RM Low Bar Back Squat

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