Nov 4 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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Nov 4 2013

Nov 4 2013

November Beginner’s Classes start TODAY! We still have a couple of spots in the 7A and 6:30P classes so don’t hesitate, start your fitness journey today!

Welcome to our long awaited Re-Testing week. This entire week will mirror the week of Sept 16 2013 to give us an accurate picture of the progress we’ve made in the last 6 weeks.

This cycle we’ve been working a number of different items:
– 1 RM Push Press
– Pull Up Strength
– 12min and Under Interval WODs
– 1RM Power Cleans
– Muscle Up Technique
– Butterfly Pull Up Technique

The Complementary Work will be focused on:
– Back Squat
– Jerk Technique

and we’ve already seen a big improvement! PR’s last week on Push Press, power snatches getting heavier and multiple reps getting easier, at least 4 athletes getting their first muscle-up and another dozen getting butterfly pullups! Those that took the time and pain of the back squat cycle have already been rewarded with just about everyone hitting a PR already!

Come in and crush the WOD. Prove that the work you’ve put in has been for good reason!

1RM Push Press
Front Rack Lunge Step (95/65)
Pull Ups


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