Nov 5 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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Nov 5 2013

Nov 5 2013

Pretty amazing displays of strength yesterday as the vast majority of CrossFitters through the door hit big PRs on their Push Press and WOD! Exactly how I like to see a testing week start off! Let’s Keep it going today!

1RM Power Clean

Tabata – 8R of 20s On/ 10s Off

Bottom-to-Bottom Thrusters (45) – Rest 10s at the BOTTOM position. 2 Burpee Penalty for dropping the bar.
Double Unders

10s Rest between each movement, these are ALL rounds of Thrusters then ALL rounds of Double Unders for Max Reps – Reps will be scored seperately so you’ll have a # for Thrusters and a different # for Double Unders – Sub single jumps if you need.


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