Nov 8 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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Nov 8 2013

Nov 8 2013

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It’s been a pretty great week as far as PRs and proving that what we do at MTM CrossFit actually works! I’ve been working on the next cycle and a nutrition article for the past few days and I’ve decided to wait till Monday to actually post the nutrition side of things – there’s just too much detail to cover for me to shoot it out to you half finished.

Speaking of next cycles, we’ll be jumping right into the next cycle this coming Monday – similar in format to what we’ve been doing but we’ll only test 3 days worth next week and the complete cycle will be just 6 total weeks long including test/retest weeks. We’ll also be starting a Nutrition Challenge on Dec 2nd – The MTM Thanksgiving recovery will be a quick 3 week challenge designed to keep us in check between the holidays and jump start our new year success!

Today’s WOD isn’t part of the testing week, we did it last time but because it’s a partner WOD it isn’t really a true test. If you’re wrecked it wouldn’t be a bad idea to just take a rest day (or come in and mobilize!).

Teams of 2
30 Clean & Jerks (135/95)
30 Toe 2 Bar
30 Power Snatches
30 Toe 2 Bar
30 Clean & Jerks

MUST alternate every 3 reps

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