Oct 12 2015 - MTM CrossFit

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Oct 12 2015

Oct 12 2015

Welcome to a brand new week!

So Many Congrats to go out today First and Foremost Congrats to Mitch and Erin who got engaged over the weekend!

We had lots of teams competing this weekend all over northeast Ohio. Everyone gave it their all and had a great time, way to get out there and throwdown Tim, Jenny, Bri, Cody, Brittney, Erin, Drew, Jimmy, and Jerry!

PR Balance.

I had the great opportunity this weekend to compete in two awesome competitions. Along with some great team mates (thank Brittney, Jimmy, and Jerry) I had the chance to meet new CrossFitters and catch up with old friends. Something struck me with lots of my conversations and I had actually been thinking about it a long while before this weekend.

Every conversation went something like this “Yeah, I’m doing great! I just PR’d my back squat and my snatch has been getting good.” -or- “Stupid Cleans, I can never make an improvement!” –or- “I’m getting strong! But I’m heavy now.”

There’s something that’s been happening in CrossFit for a few years, since the 2012 Regionals. That year they put 225 Hang Power Cleans for 30 Reps at the END of a WOD. And it was like “Oh Shit, I’m supposed to be really strong!”

Since then we’ve been seeing a lot of lifting. LOTS and LOTS. And getting strong is good in general, especially if you want to compete in CrossFit. But,

Strength alone is NOT CrossFit.

It’s an important part of CrossFit but it isn’t the only thing. Sometimes we need to focus on it but it depends on our goals. If our goal is to get better at CrossFit we need to look at where we are lacking which might not be strength it might be conditioning, it might be gymnastics skills, it might be grip strength, it might be running technique, might be so on and so on.

You have to BALANCE your PRs.

Getting a PR in your back squat is Awesome! But so is PR’ing your Cindy or Grace or Helen or Karen or [insert WOD here] times. In fact PR’ing the named benchmark WOD is actually MORE important for most people to reach their goals of being lean and athletic.

It’s harder to PR your WODs because we don’t do them that frequently. If you’re not a fan of running it’s easy to just skip a running benchmark WOD instead of suck at it and then being honest with yourself about needing to work on your running, which you hate.

Don’t be that CrossFitter that hates on Benchmark WODs they don’t like but loves to lift because they happen to be better at that thing. Work your weaknesses and realize that the process continues as you work it. Keep a look out for when your Weaknesses become strengths and it’s time to work on something else.

4RM Front Squat
5 Rounds
400m Run
15 OHS (95/65)

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