Oct 17 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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Oct 17 2013

Oct 17 2013

Free Class Saturday at 11AM – come see what CrossFit is all about before the next round of Beginner’s Classes start Nov 4.

Barbells 4 Boobs at 10AM – Register online for a t-shirt or just hit their website to buy one. Donations accepted online or at the gym.

On a side note, wow that global economic collapse came close this time. Now that that nonsense is over, back to training hard – we’re nearly 4 weeks through our current training cycle. Normally I don’t spend too much time justifying or discussing how and why I program this or that movement – you show up and just do whatever I told you to do and you get better.

Yesterday was one of those days that shows what we’re doing works. Muscle Ups are one of the things we’re working on this cycle. The first 3 weeks we worked strength through Ring Rows and the last 3 weeks we’re working skill and technique. After just building a little more strength both John and Joe got their very first Muscle Ups yesterday! Congrats guys! We’ve also seen it on the Comp Side with squats with athletes hitting their 1RM or greater for 2 reps after just 3 weeks.

Keep up the great work, trust the system, and keep coming in consistently.

4 Rounds

7 Power Snatches (115/75)
14 Lateral Box Overs (20″ all)
21 Wall Balls (20/14)

Comp Work
3RM BTN Snatch Grip Push Press

Split Jerk Technique Work – working up to about 80% of 1RM
as soon as you break down lower the weight and work up again until you hit 80% of your 1RM PERFECT

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