Oct 22 2014 - MTM CrossFit

7901 N Cleveland Ave, North Canton OH 44720
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Oct 22 2014

Oct 22 2014

Free Class Saturday at 11AM Come see what CrossFit is all about, then sign up for our next Beginner’s Classes starting Monday Nov 3rd!

Movement and Mobility Class is tonight at 6:30pm. Come get stretched out and learn new techniques for getting in good position!

Barbells 4 Boobs will be Saturday at 9AM. Come out and throwdown for a good cause!

Run or Row 5K

Oly Wk2/D3
7/15 Front Squat – Work to a Heavy Single then do 3 more reps at 85% (7s pause in the bottom, stand then 15s hold at the top)

5×3 Sotts Press working up as heavy as possible

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