Oct 25 2013 - MTM CrossFit

7901 N Cleveland Ave, North Canton OH 44720
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Oct 25 2013

Oct 25 2013

FREE Class tmw at 11am!

Traveling through the south makes you thankful for two things: Crossfit, because it’s easy to walk through airports quickly where you see that most of the travelers are so out of shape that they have a hard time just getting from one side of the airport to the other. And people who know how to drive.

For those who missed it I’m away for the weekend for an Outlaw training camp at MDUSA. As I waited between flights I took a quick look at where Jon North’s gym The Attitude Nation and when I realized how close it is to the airport (about 3 min if they had roads that made sense down here but instead more like 10min with all the divided boulevards and slow drivers) I had to go.

For those who aren’t familiar with Jon here’s him lifting a little weight. North unofficially broke the American Record with a 166kg Snatch and was one of the top weightlifters in America before retiring earlier this year. I’d never meet him or been to his gym, first question “you want to workout?” Absolutely. So I made up the squats I thought I’d have to skip, pretty cool.

Teams of 2

100 Burpees
150 Toe 2 Bar
200 Power Cleans (135/95)

1 person working at a time. Split the reps anyway between partners but must finish all Burpees before moving to t2b. The power clean weight should be easy for the first 20 reps you do then get harder – be smart in it.

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