Oct 26 2013 - MTM CrossFit

7901 N Cleveland Ave, North Canton OH 44720
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Oct 26 2013

Oct 26 2013

FREE CLASS today at 11AM – Try CrossFit out before the Nov 4th Beginner’s classes start!

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Watch the CrossFit Invitational at 1PM to see the best in the world throwdown in Germany. Team USA v. The World

Friday Outlaw Recap

It’s a pretty unique experience down here between the staff, participants and environment. As an overview of the Staff: Rudy runs The Outlaw Way which has heavily influenced the how and why I program for MTM. He’s taken literally hundreds of athletes to the games over the past several years as either individuals or teams. More important than just knowing a bunch of stuff is that Rudy’s been able to build a team of extremely talented support staff. Each of them have a specialty but all are accomplished in multiple impressive ways. Spencer Arnold is an Oly guy who WON the 69kg American Open last year. Emily Carothers is a former PAC10 champion gymnast who just competed at the Games, Michael Winchester was team captain of CrossFit Central’s Affiliate team which has competed at the Games since 2008. And the list goes on…

The attendees are really unique here too. There’s about 50 of us and only about 7 that aren’t coaches or affiliate owners. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a place with so much coaching and ownership experience. Literally dozens of conversation topics spring up at every break from squat position debate to affiliate management to Lululemon underwear price justification.

Finally the location. Most unique part of the experience and why some people, like me, traveled so far to be here. MDUSA is a Mecca for top level lifters, who were all in lifting yesterday. Kilo competition plates and bearing bars are standard equipment along with lifting platforms and American Champions. Jon North came by to do a Q&A which would’ve been impressive if I hadn’t stopped by his gym just the day before. Glenn Pendlay is coming tomorrow. So it’s very unique!

More to come tomorrow!

Teams of 2
5 Power Cleans (135/95)

5 Shoulder to Overhead

5 Snatches

Rest 1 Min between AMRAPs.

Partner 1 does 5 power cleans then rests while partner 2 does their 5. Back and forth for 5 min. Score is total reps for the entire workout.

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