Oct 3 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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Oct 3 2012

Oct 3 2012

Some very impressive lifts yesterday! Olympic lifting, snatching in particular, is all about technique. In the coming weeks you’ll notice some pretty stark changes to the programming at MTM. We’re starting a cycle focusing on Speed-Strength (ie. Olympic Lifting).

Oly Lifting is perhaps the most beneficial set of movements for CrossFitters to develop. Of the 10 General Physical Skills we strive to improve on Oly lifting can directly impact 7 (Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Balance, Accuracy, and Coordination) and indirectly impact CR/E and Stamina when we put those lifts into WODs.

Practice is the key to developing these and other skills in CrossFit. Often times we get so caught up in going faster in a WOD and we’re so tired by the end that we for go practicing anything. For the next severeal weeks Wednesdays will be less “kill yourself to shave another second off” and more “practiced based”. See Below.

We’ll also be starting a new Squat Cycle. For most of you this will be a pretty big change from how we’ve been lifting, hitting a 1,3,5 RM and moving on. Instead we’ll be following a version of a Hatch cycle, created by 2004 Oly WL Team Coach Gayle Hatch. In this program we’ll lift a percentage of your 3RM Back Squat (which we did last week and is provided below) for a specific number of sets. Yes that is more math than even I am comfortable allowing most of you to do – use your iPhone or better yet, figure it out on your computer before you come to the gym and know exactly what weight you should lift (and how to put it on the bar) when you arrive. Cool? Cool.

Back Squat – % of 3RM – 2:00 Rest between sets
1×8 (75%)
1×5 (80%)
1×5 (85%)
1×3 (90%)
1×3 (95%)

So, my 3RM is 275lbs. After warming up I would do a set of 8 at 205, 5 at 220, 5 at 235, 3 at 250, and 3 at 265. Resting 2 Min between lifts. We’ll group up and lift with people who have similar 3RMs so that plates aren’t going everywhere. And notice that my numbers are close, not exact – 75% of 275 is 206.25, can’t get that on a bar.

3 Rounds – Not For Time
5 Wall Climbs
15 KettleBell Swings (1.5/1p)
20 Unbroken Push Ups
20 GHD Sit Ups

This WOD is NOT FOR TIME. You will do 3 Rounds of the moves listed taking short rest between efforts.

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