Oct 5 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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Oct 5 2012

Oct 5 2012

After a day to think and feel the “recovery” style WOD on we did on Wednesday most people agree that it was much harder than they originally thought! Yesterday we started another drill that we’ll continue for the next several weeks – light weight Olympic Lifting on the minute. Practicing Oly Lifting at sub-maximal weights allows us to work on hitting consistent good form, that way we can make BIG lifts later.

Goals – Goals are an important part of progress in CrossFit. In addition to motivating us to perform better they can also give us direction on how to train. Starting soon we’ll have some defined tracks for members to help define when and how to train. Whether you CrossFit for general fitness, to supplement athletic goals, or to compete in CrossFit we’ll have additional guidance for you.
T-shirts and Hoodies – We’ll be ordering new Ts and Hoodies in the next couple weeks. Shirts and Hoodies will be similar to the ones we’ve had made in the past, images will be at the gym Monday. We’re going to do this by pre-order at the gym and payments will be collected in advance at the gym. Starting Monday!
Membership Fees – Starting November 1st we’ll be increasing all rates by $10/month. Unlimited – $115, 3x a week – $95, 2x a week – $80, LEO/MIL/FD/PD/Student – $90. The rate increase will help to build out the new gym with equipment, offer 2 new class times (7AM and 7:30PM), offer 1-3 Open gym times a day, and add additional coaches and programs.
CrossFit Kids – Steph is getting her CrossFit Kids Cert this weekend! Details will be finalized soon on dates and times for our MTM CrossFit Kids class!

1K Row
100 Wall Balls
100 Pull Ups

Teams of 2 – Any way – 1 working at a time.

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