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Open 16.1

Open 16.1

The Workout has been announced! but there is an initial wrinkle…With everyone signed up for the Intramural Open and Friday Night Lights it would take between 5 and 7 hours to get everyone through the WOD. So this is what we’re going to do: Stationary OH Lunges for everyone not officially signed up with HQ for the Open. Prior to the WOD we’ll have you OH lunge 25 ft and count how many lunges it was, then we’ll do that number in place of the 25′ walking lunge. I appreciate everyone’s understanding and know that if you really want to compare to the official 16.1 you have more than enough opportunities in Open Gym to do this workout rx’d. If you have questions please shoot me an email or fb message.

Intramural Open Rules and Procedures
You have from Thursday Night to the Following Wednesday to do the WOD. The Official event will be Friday Night at 6:30PM and attendance will earn you extra points. If you do the WOD at an Open gym you need a judge to count your reps and hold you to the standards of each movement.

Top 5 Scores Men and Women – +5pts
Rx the workout – +1pts
Do the workout – +.5pts
Workout at FNL – +1pts
Coach’s Challenge – +1-3pts
Do every Open WOD before the next is announced – +3pts

The Throwdown:
Each week at FNL 1 athlete from each team will throwdown against 1 athlete from each of the other teams. An athlete may throwdown only once. Each throwing down athlete will receive 2pts for their team plus 5->1pt for how they finish compared to the other throwdowners. Points are in addition pts listed above.

WODs will be appropriately scaled for age and ability. Fewer points, .5pt less, will be given so there is an incentive to push a little further and do it rx’d, especially if you think you’ll be outside the top 5 anyway. We will make every effort to keep athletes from over scaling to try and win. If this becomes a blatant problem, like an athlete chooses single jumps because their double unders just aren’t that great, the athlete will be ineligible to score finishing points for their team.

Team 1
Aaron Lewis
Leah Custer
Nathaniel Colston
Michelle Saylor
Pat McDonald
Nick Monter
Ryan Gernert
Bethany Calloway
Joe Murphy

Team 2
Dalen Fink
Matthew Milliken
Miranda Pearce
Cody Henninge
Erin King
Tom Colston
John Messina

Team 3
Dria spencer
Jimmy Bardin
Nehemiah shriver
Jen tausch
matt gold
Chris Messina
Brooke Courtney
Lacie Swope
Evan Grammenidis

Team 4
Hannah Tesch
Jerry Wilson
Larissa Bair
Mitch Kiko
Kristie VanAuken
Tim Stiffler
Brett Nehlen
Sandy DeCosta
Bruce Fisher

Team 5
Jennifer Rasmussen
Jon Luke
Michael Beach
Deserrae Potts
Jacob H
Claudia Murphy
Drew fairman
Brianne Henninge
Travis Maxwell

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