Sep 20 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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Sep 20 2012

Sep 20 2012

2 hard days of Benchmark WODs. And I hear there is a betting pool on which ‘girl’ WOD is up for today. Smart money would be on Diane, another 21-15-9, or maybe Isabel since we have been doing lots of OLY lifting. The answer is neither.

Today we’ll be doing a recovery day – a day to work on skill and practice moves instead of trying to CRUSH a WOD.

1 Mile Run – as a Warm Up
3 x Max Effort HSPU
3 x Max Effort MU or MU Progressions
3 x 10 Unbroken KB Snatches on each arm – heaviest possible

Complete all of the work listed, rest as long as needed between efforts. We’ll move as though it was in rounds. So, 3 rounds of max effort HSPU, max effort MU, and 10 Unbroken KB Snatches (ea arm) with rest between each move.

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