Sep 28 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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Sep 28 2012

Sep 28 2012

–No Saturday Free Class Tomorrow–

–Good Luck to everyone running in the Akron Marathon tomorrow! Remember we’ll be meeting in section 110 after the race.

This week has been pretty tough because of the testing nature of the programming. What does that mean? “Testing?”

{Begin CrossFit Geek-out)
To a coach like me, devilishly good-looking and frequently able to put complete sentences together, the real beauty of CrossFit is the Movement Standard. Movement standards make workouts repeatable. Anything repeatable can be measured and something that can be measured can be evaluated and thought over and discussed during intelectual debate over the warmth of a trashcan fire whilst sipping Forties.

Did we get stronger? How much? How many more reps? Are we improving in the ways that we want to? Did we get better at one thing or several things?

All of these questions can be considered IF (and only if) we have a starting point. Hence, testing. This week and last we’ve done four benchmarks (we’ll actually do another one or two next week as well), we’ve gone long and short, we’ve gone heavy and light. Over the next 12 weeks we’ll be doing NEW and EXCITING things in both programming and availability with the new side open. We’ll have the opportunity to practice and work on things. We’ll have programming for those who want to get ready compete and those who just want a fun way to stay in shape.

And we will ALL get better. How much better and in what ways? Well, we’ll see when we get to our next testing week and repeat the WODs we’ve done over the last couple of days…in the same order!
{End Geek-Out}

As for today. It’s just a WOD for fun.

Teams of 2
120 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1p)
80 WallBall Throws (20/14)

On the swings the non-working partner will balance a PVC without moving their feet. If the PVC is dropped or the balancer takes a step the swings will stop.

The wall ball throws will be done from one partner to another. Standing behind a line the first partner will throw the wallball, any method, completely past the line their partner is standing at. The ball may be caught or not. Each throw completed equals 1.

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