Sep 5 2012 - MTM CrossFit

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Sep 5 2012

Sep 5 2012

Competition day #2 today! Last week our friends at APC challenged us to a friendly WOD that they programmed and beat us. Today is our turn to hit them back. Top 3 Men’s and Women’s scores will be added together at the end of today to find a winner. Come by and represent!


3 Squat Snatches (115/75)
6 Lateral Burpees (over the barbell)
9 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
12 Box Overs (20″)

For the Snatches any method is acceptable as long as the bar starts on the ground, passes through a FULL squat, and finishes fully locked out overhead. You can Squat Snatch, Power Snatch high and ride it down into a squat, power snatch and reset your feel to overhead squat, or even Split Snatch and reset and OHS. It’s your choice.

Box Overs can also be done anyway. Jump completely over the box, jump onto and off the other side of the box either forward or laterally, or even step up and step off. Your choice!

SUPER IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! We are moments away from having a new music system at MTM. We’ll be using Spotify and details will be up by the end of the week in the MTM Facebook Group (if you’re not a member of the group ask around at the gym and someone will add you). I, for one, am pretty sure that you’ll miss hearing the exact same songs month to month to month to month.

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