Sept 10 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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Sept 10 2013

Sept 10 2013

We at MTM switched to High Bar Back Squats late last year following a larger trend in CrossFit towards the movement. For years it was low bar, low bar, low bar. This most recent training cycle we hit a mini Hatch cycle with HBBS and Front Squats for the very first time. It was pretty tough and athletes were sore often when they had just expected it to be getting easier (which sucked). Last Monday the vast majority, over 80%, of athletes retested and PR’d they’re HBBS – not a significant surprise as it was one of the GOALS of the training cycle. Over the weekend I became curious about how well the HBBS Hatch Cycle affected other movements, I also wanted to squat a little this week before we test some new things next week for our upcoming training cycle. Well, with number of HUGE Front Squat PRs seems to suggest that it transferred extremely well. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised and I wouldn’t be if the PRs were normal 5-10lbs. But in many instances these were 20-50lb PRs from long term developed lifters…So I’d say it worked pretty well.

Tape – MTM will no longer supply free tape to athletes. We’ve reached a point where we’re going through 6+ rolls a week with some athletes using half a roll to tape their hands a day. In the very near future we’ll be selling several different options for hand protection including: Tape and Gymnastics Grips. As for now know that if you’re using tape that you didn’t buy you’re steal it from someone else who left theirs at the gym. Sorry for the inconvenience.

6 Rounds
400m Run
20 Sit Ups
10 Burpee Box Overs (24/20)
– Rest 2 Min –
**35 Min Cap**

Everyone will keep track of they’re own rest and start times after the group starts. Goal is to have each round as quick as possible due to the rest. Burpee Box Overs must be box facing burpee and jump/step straight off the box. The run should take you no longer than 2 Min, if it normally does scale down to 300m or 200m.

Comp Work
3×5 Push Press – Work Up to a moderately heavy weight but not maximal.
7×2-Position Snatch (Knee and Hi-Hang).

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