Sept 11 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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Sept 11 2013

Sept 11 2013

Yesterday was likely the last extremely hot day of the year – and we pushed it even further with a brutally long WOD. Well done to everyone who came in and gave it they’re all!

You may have noticed that we’re taking a week off with some fun/tough/random WODs between training cycles. Here’s a little preview of what we’ll be focusing on in the next training cycle:
– 1 RM Push Press
– Pull Up Strength
– 12min and Under Interval WODs
– 1RM Power Cleans
– Muscle Up Technique
– Butterfly Pull Up Technique

The Complementary Work will be focused on:
– Back Squat
– Jerk Technique

You’ll see a testing week next week to get some baselines and then another 6 weeks of programming designed to improve those goals. In general we’ll be finishing up our strength biased work towards the end of this cycle and moving towards more Speed Strength at the start of November.

If all of this sounded like confusing jargon, don’t worry – we’ll have wods everyday and you’ll be in better shape by coming in and doing those (just like the last 2 years)!

“In Honor of 9/11”
9 Partner Deadlifts (405/315)
11 WallBalls (20/24)

10m 28s AMRAP – Signifying when the 2nd tower fell at 10:28AM September 11, 2001.

Teams of 2, Both working the deadlift (obviously) then 1 working the Wallball with work alternating 6 and 5 each round.

Comp Work
None – Hit the WOD with everything you’ve got.
Beginner’s Classes at 7A and 6:30P

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