Sept 24 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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Sept 24 2013

Sept 24 2013

October Beginner’s Classes start Monday Sept 30. Sign Up Here to reserve your spot!

Quick Note about this programming cycle – The 6 week cycle that we’ve just started with is perhaps the most versatile that we’ve ever done at MTM. While that gives tons of options to athletes it can also be a little confusing about what’s important and how you should approach your workouts. Here it is:
Normal WODs – If you’re only planning on hitting the normal WOD, great! Come in and give it all you have. Monday will be shoulder strength which we haven’t worked consistently before so you’ll probably make big gains, Wednesday will be an Oly skill/strength day along with a recovery workout. We’ll be working Pull Up and Muscle Up Technique along with Power Cleans this cycle. You’ll see more gymnastics skills, less weight moving, and more met-con type WODs.
Oly Classes – Anyone can come to any of the Oly Classes T/R at 7:30p. They last an hour, cost just $5, and would be a great supplement to our normal Oly work. See below for more details. You should be able to add in at least 1 Oly Class to your current WOD schedule without making any changes to how much rest you need.
Comp Strength – If you are doing the FULL Smolov Squat Program (which will become a Hatch program in 3 weeks) then you need to take the next few sentences VERY VERY SERIOUSLY. Your goal is building strength and size if it isn’t you should cut the program to 1 or possibly 2 days as I mentioned in yesterday’s post. You will be squatting ALOT and will need to adjust all of your other training to accommodate. When you feel tired you must keep squatting but skipping the WOD or dropping the weight of the WOD is perfectly fine. Adding the Oly class is a good idea along with making sure you hit the Monday and Wednesday classes as they will be more Oly and Strength related.

Oly Class Tonight at 7:30p. Answers to a couple questions I’ve been getting: No, there is not a “WOD” but yes we will be lifting. You will absolutely be able to do both the WOD and the Oly Lifting but please be smart about resting. The general theory behind what we’ll be doing is two-fold. 1.) We’ll be teaching a new method of lifting. 2.) We’ll drill that method and slowly add weight until form breaks down, once it does we’ll back the weight down and work up again. Technique is everything – we’re not looking to hit PRs at all cost. In the short run it’s fun but in the long run you’ll plateau with your less than perfect technique.

6 Rounds
200m Run
15 Pull Ups
50′ Walking Lunges
– Rest 1 Min –

Comp Work

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