Sept 24 2014 - MTM CrossFit

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Sept 24 2014

Sept 24 2014

Strong hard work put in by everyone yesterday! Keep it up as the week goes on and the weather keeps getting nicer.

We’ve entered the 2nd week of our Nutrition Challenge. You’ve all done a great job of tracking and reporting what you’ve been eating! Now is the time to make sure we’re eating the right stuff in the right amounts. Use this week to hit your goals and to figure out how to hit your goals. Nutrition is a long road made from good healthy decisions not just a couple of days of hitting your protein numbers. Keep up the great work – you can all get there!

400m Runs
10 Candle Sticks
10 Skin-the-Cats

Oly Wk12/D3
1RM Power Clean + 2s Pause Front Squat
3RM 2s Pause Squat Snatch
3×10 KB Around World
3×10 Glute Ham Raise
5×5 Dips (W)

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