Sept 4 2013 - MTM CrossFit

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Sept 4 2013

Sept 4 2013

Beginner’s Classes start TODAY! At 7A or 6:30P – If you haven’t had a chance to sign up online or in person don’t sweat it, just come in and we’ll get you on your way!

Some interesting data collected yesterday during the 1RM Snatch and Run/Squat Snatch WOD. While many people PR’d their Snatch it seemed that the longer term members didn’t do as well. At the same time the Snatch movement in the WOD got significantly better and there were tons of PRs.

So how should we as a gym and you as an athlete look at your performance yesterday? If you PR’d, great! If you didn’t we have to look at 3 things: First, did you follow the programming – that is did you come to all the classes where we did things to improve our Snatches? Second, Was the program significantly robust enough to create change in your movement? And finally, how much do you care about being an awesome Olympic lifter?

If you skipped all the Oly days, then the answer is obvious, we need more exposure to the training. If you came to everything and still didn’t make big or any progress we need to evaluate the program. The last 6 weeks has been designed to increase bottom position performance but did so with lighter weights for technique – with certainty it was not going to make the type of dedicated change to 1RMs that a 3 or 4 day a week Snatching program would make, obviously. Finally, in all honesty, how much do you really care about improving your Snatch? We only have so much time and so much we can tax the body in a given day or week so if improving your Snatch from 80% of bodyweight to 100% is extremely important to you we’ll lose out on things like Met-Con while we work on it. That’s fine of course but it’s a more individual plan (executed during open gym times) than the gym as a whole – since overall I’m very pleased with how MTM has been executing Olympic lifts!

Today is actually the “rest” day of our testing week, two tough WODs coming Thursday and Friday!

Teams of 2

40 Double Unders
– Rest 1 Min –

200m Row
20 Sit Ups
– Rest 1 Min –

250′ Shuttle Sprint (10 lengths)
50′ Walking Lunges (2 Lengths)

Person 1 does the entire couplet then person 2 does it while 1 rests

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